Recycle Your Turkey Fryer Oil into Biofuel

Why not make your Thanksgiving Day holiday an eco-friendly celebration that captures the spirit of Thanksgiving while adding extra meaning by helping to improve the environment?

After you have enjoyed your deep fried Thanksgiving turkey, you have probably also have wondered what to do with those five gallons of accompanying grease. Cleaning up can be troublesome. With 5 gallons of used oil, disposing of it isn’t as easy as just throwing it in the garbage or down the drain. While it may seem harmless to pour your used oil down the drain or in the garbage, dumping any amount of cooking oil can harm wildlife and damage your local sewage systems, that’s why we suggest recycling your oil to be made into Biofuel.

This Thanksgiving, you can bring that residual oil to GreatWest Biodiesel Recycling Center in a new recycling effort to turn your used cooking oil into biofuel and improve the environment. We have a special drop off time schedule on the Saturday following Thanksgiving from 10 am until 4 pm.

Bag up or Box up, we will turn it into biodiesel, as well as recycle your containers as we are at 98% of being a ZERO LANDFILL COMPANY.
So Don’t Throw Away Your Used Cooking Oil & Let Us Turn It Into Fuel.


If you would like to schedule a drop off please fill out the form.

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Upon arrival please call 303.294.0026 for assistance