Why Drop Off Your Oil

-Its Illegal To Dump Oil

In most municipalities along the front range it is illegal to dump UCO  cooking or put it down your house drains. Therefore, there are two options.
1. Send it to the dump.
2. Recycle it.
By dropping off your used oil cooking oil and recycling it with GWBF you are keeping the product local to be made into biodiesel. Don’t send it out of state or with corporate America. Keep it local with a small family owned business.

-Cuts Down On Pollution

By turning waste products (like used cooking oil and animal fats) into biodiesel we cut down on sending it to landfills and city waste water treatment plants. Most importantly biodiesel has dramatically lowered air omission on particulate matter and carbon monoxide. As much as a 70% reduction in air pollution.

-Help Turn Cooking Oil Into Bio Fuel

Biodiesel can be used in most diesel vehicles. In ___ Rudolph diesel developed his engine to run on peanut oil, not fossil fuels. Most cooking oils are plant based like corn, canola and soy beans. There are actually quite a few sources. Therefore Biodiesel is renewable since it original source comes from a renewable raw material.

Fossil fuels are limited – no more is being made. Fossil fuels are not environmentally friendly. Just remember what happened with the Exxon Valdez and the deep water horizon drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. It is still leaking today and that’s why no boats are allowed in the area.
Additionally, GWBF turn waste animal fats into biodiesel or even mix UCO and animal fat oils together. Biodiesel made from animal fats produces more horsepower (because of higher octane values) and has better gas mileage.

-Less Dependance On Foreign Oil

We can make used cooking oil and waste animal into biodiesel. Don’t let your used cooking oil go out of state. Keep it here, Keep it local. Create local jobs for Coloradans, biodiesel is a, renewable earth friendly fuel.